Artist Bio

I'm Dtee

Lagos born Adedotun Aka D’tee afro pop Fueled vocalize, sing Cool and mind relaxing music , from afro to Ragge to hip pop and dancehall music. D’tee passion for music propelled him to drop his first single titled ‘Sekowale‘ in 2009, leading to him signing a record label deal with Blackwall Street Records in 2013.
He dropped hit single titled ‘Kilode‘ featuring Baba of Controversy, Eedris Abdul Kareem which the video was Directed by one of the best music video directors in Nigeria Patrick Elis.. had a some battle with his career from the black Wall Street and finish got back on career August 2019 with a beautiful two videos “AJE VIDEO AND “JEJEJLY VIDEO”

  • I'm Articulate
  • I'm Humble
  • I'm Real
  • I'm hood 100%

My Life & career

Brief history about me.
My childhood

I was born and raised in Lagos, in a city known as Talent Zone (Agege). I grew up in a busy and noisy environment. Football and Music kept the city growing day after day. I was also growing and learning from the street life. I lost my Dad when I was 12 years old. It was a sad time in my life. Then we had to relocate to Another city in lassos ....story for another day, smiles.

Early career years

I started believing in myself when I was 13 years old. I had my first performance at a birthday party that my neighbor took me to, smiles.. I had to use my hand on my chest to make an instrumental. I was shown massive love on that day ..guess what ? I went back home with a lot of money that night. A night to always remember in my career.

First Album Release

I had my first recording in 2006 with Lesty Beat (Papiwizzy). From 2006 to 2009 I recorded a lot of songs but I never had a chance to release any tracks. I recorded with Bigbolly productions. My first official single track was recorded in 2009. "SEKOWALE" was produced and released by OB SOUND (O'BLACK). That was when I started making money from shows and events.

My First Live Concert

December 13th 2019 My 'FIRST' concert. It was a big sellout and cash out. I had help from my team and all the sponsors. It was another big day in my Musicial career. The concert was Tagged : "DTEE CONNECT” first edition.